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Huawei Smart Meter DTSU666-H

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Huawei Smart Meter DTSU666-H is an advanced electricity consumption monitoring solution that provides precision and reliability. Ideal for use in homes and businesses, this smart meter is designed to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency.
  • Precise metering: Provides accurate measurements of electricity consumption in real time, allowing users to track their consumption.
  • Safety: Equipped with advanced safety features such as an overload and surge protection system to ensure safe operation.
  • Compatibility: the Huawei Smart Meter DTSU666-H is compatible with various energy management systems, providing flexibility for integration into existing installations.
  • Smart energy management: With automatic reporting and data analysis functions, this meter enables optimal management of energy consumption.
  • Wysoka wydajność: Posiada wysoką sprawność nawet w zmiennych warunkach, zapewniającą niezawodność i efektywność użytkowania.
  • Communication: Flexible communication options, such as WLAN, Ethernet and 4G support, make it easy to monitor and manage power consumption.
Take a look at the full capabilities of the Huawei Smart Meter DTSU666-H in the manufacturer’s data sheet.